The matador lives in a world of complete peril, using concentration and will to exist in a very dangerous space where a beast infinitely more powerful then himself looks for any sign of weakness or fear to destroy him.   The matador gets the juice of having survived the closest of encounters threatening complete destruction.  The beast knows it has to make the most of this encounter, because as long as the matador lives on, the beast’s fate is sealed.

Donald Trump has lived his life assuming himself to be a supreme matador, but for every matador there is inevitably the reality of having made one careless assumption too many.  Last week was a perfect example of such carelessness.  The firing of FBI Director Comey and the ham-fisted communication, particularly the President’s incredibly undisciplined mouth, has lead the beast, the nation’s incestuous  partnership of established media and the its political arm, the Democrat Party, to believe its about to find its way around the capote de brega.  A long standing press tradition of seeing Democrat Party actions as righteous, but at times unaware, and Republican Party actions as anti-societal, and at times criminal, has once again reached hyper-agitated state.   Convinced that a President who on the campaign trail bragged he was willing to treat Russia “differently” , was the codeword for traitorous collusion,   sees the firing of the nation’s chief investigative officer the blunt tool of a cover-up. And boy does the media love Republican inspired cover-ups.

Trump, like a self confident matador unaware of his own sloppy preparation, thinks his limited tools of bluster and distraction will fool the beast one more time.  Maybe so.  The blood lust of the beast has its own overbearing certitude that made it possible for a complete neophyte like Trump to succeed in the arena of public opinion in the first place.  The public though superficially repelled by matador Trump’s clumsy ‘Tanda‘ technique, remain enthralled with the sheer blissful self confidence of the matador to engage such an unequal foe.

The success of the matador is inevitably based on the internal discipline and intelligence, to recognize what is possible and not possible in close proximity with the bull.   Trump’s tendency to see the world in black and white, those loyal to him and those not, may lead to further blind spots, that may place him in the perilous and vulnerable state more in tune with being the mortally injured but angry bull then the capable matador.

FBI Director Comey kept confusing his role to function as prosecutor rather than investigator, placing himself multiple times into the center of the narrative, rather than the dispassionate deliver of evidence to prosecutors whose role is to determine whether crimes have been committed.  From his ridiculous press conference of July 5th,  2016, in which he went into extraordinary detail as to candidate Hillary Clinton’s multiple law infractions regarding her private server, destruction of e-mails, and pathetic management of classified information as chief foreign officer of the land, only then to state that he had determined the actions showed extreme carelessness, but did not rise to the level of a crime, Comey showed himself to be incongruous to his position, and should have been fired then by President Obama.  Comey now sees himself as the public servant who has been blamed for the effort to be impartial.  Certainly, as Ramparts has discussed before, a true public servant who sees that his own principles have been compromised by others, has the appropriate option of resignation available to them — but Comey,  like most modern public servants, has enjoyed the spotlight, perks and power too much to avail himself of the dignified  and principled approach.

President Trump, whose communication style reminds one of a pinball on a pinball machine, responding and reacting in completely random fashion to every obstacle, buffeted by the combination of impacts, creates the environment for his own failures.  He is likely to respond to the current criticism by doubling down, with more disconnected thoughts and ridiculous tweets, that make him feel like he is fighting back, but undermine  further any constructive way out of the morass.  At some point if he is to survive his own amateurish indiscipline,  he is going to have to define an executive council of political and legal advisors around him that he listens to and respects, rather than a group of people that through their leaks appear as undisciplined and bombastic as their boss.

The Russia connection is a meme propped up by a Democrat Party unable to recognize their radical left persona has lead them to be abandoned by the electorate, and a press consumed with the glory that could come from ‘exposing’ another Republican Watergate.  The goal is to force the matador into a corner, distract him as long as possible to prevent any success, than go for the fleshy core beneath the capote, and strike to kill.  This matador   may provide them with his own sword for a self induced  estocada.  If the president cant get his act together and find some discipline, the press will have its glory, the Democrats the restoration of their assumed position as the anointed elite to manage the country’s inevitable controlled decline, and the nation, its best last chance to restore the unique balance of competence, accomplishment,  and individual freedom and fortitude that once made this country unique and great.

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  1. Patti says:

    We are allowing our nation to degrade. The one promise Obama kept is that he was going to transform America! ….and we continue to let it happen.

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