Brett Favre – One More Time

     We are about to enter the 2010 NFL football season and once again, as we have for the past seven years, the Brett Favre watch has begun.  Since 2004,  Mr. Favre has created tense off -season scenarios as to whether he would come back to play for “one more year”, and this year will be no different.  The current NFL all time leader in touchdown passes, passes thrown, passes completed, yards thrown, interceptions, and dashed hopes and broken hearts of Green Bay Packer fans the world over, will once again marshall the media to follow his vague signals as to his possible return to the fields of play.

     Certainly, as it is now several years from Green Bay Packer fans playing a direct role in the kibuke theater Favre performed each summer, the process is much less stinging.   Now it is to our delight to watch our silly neighbors to the north to hover over every word and smoke signal.  Whether he plays again or not, he will forever be the most entertaining performer on earth. for his last second heroics, feats of incredible creativity, and downright boneheaded plays.  Before the hating begins again for his traitorous actions in joining the Vikings and his willingness to rub our nose in it, perhaps just one more look at the greatness that was Brett Favre, Green Bay Packer….

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