Dissecting the Arab Spring

     Powerline is an excellent blog of broad scope and terrific writing that serves an additional fundamental service to the readers and thinkers of the blogosphere.  It is the home of the unedited versions of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution who provides truly uncommon in-depth interviews with real experts and thinkers.  Of particular note is the discussion Peter has with Fouad Ajami, Johns Hopkins Professor of Middle East Studies and a senior Fellow of the Hoover Institute, and Charles Hill, Diplomat in Residence and lecture in Leadership studies at Yale University.  This fascinating discussion looks at Iraq, Afghanistan, philosophic tenets of Islamism, and the Arab Spring through the perspective of both intellectual study and the Arab street. It is an essential discussion as we as supporters of the ideal of personal liberty, self determination, and quantitative freedom review the forces at work over the last ten years and what the future may bring in terms of challenge and opportunity. Courtesy of Powerline, a must listen from end to end.

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