Okay, Tell Me One More Time…

     Okay, Tell me one more time. Why is Paul Ryan not running for President? I recall some ideas floated as to why he shouldn’t run, including those he continued to circulate himself – the budget committee needs him; the republican leadership needs him; his kids need him. After listening to Congressman Ryan again put into adult language the extent of the challenge facing this country, the continuing  theme plays out, this country needs him.

      We remain in the grip of soggy leadership that demands more taxes to pay for their uncontrolled spasms of spending, without being to articulate a single measurable process as to how the further sacrifice  of millions of Americans being asked to pay those taxes would have their sacrifice rewarded with government discipline.  Instead we suffer under the  continued hogwash and borderline criminal shoveling of money at 25% of the gross domestic product into bottomless ill defined “projects” and government coffers.  50 million Americans now receiving food stamps to pay for food. Nearly 20% of the country now requiring the government to underwrite their daily meal. 1 out of 6 Americans. Really?  Millions of Americans requiring “emergency” unemployment insurance for as much as four years since they last worked for their check. Really?  The bottom half of the American tax eligible public paying no income taxes. Really?  We will engage in deficit spending in the four years of this President that will equal, in one term, the combined deficit spending  of the first 232 years and first 43 Presidents of this republic. Really?

      We will never face up to the mature debate required to solve our mess unless we get people in positions of power who can understand the depth of the problem and articulate the way forward.  I suffer with the alternatives so far available to expose the emperor  having no clothes.  Listen to the message below and tell me the obvious best choice isn’t the congressman from Wisconsin.  The time is now to get into the arena. Right now.

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  1. Brooklyn's Finest says:

    Let me repeat: As decent, caring Americans,Frenchman, an Englishmen, all want is;
    ” All of the old to have lavish retirements, all of the young to have scholarships, verse-penning cowboys to have festivals by the government, and everyone to have access to the best health Care; at no cost to themselves, i.e., a fair society.”

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