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Finding a Way in the Age of Uncompromise

On Friday, the United States Senate failed to extend funding to United States government functions when Democrat Senators unanimously blocked the passage of a continuing resolution for government funding absent funding support for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).  As … Continue reading

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Darkest Hour – Winston Churchill and the Monomyth

In the last six months,  bookend movies have been produced that focus on a very tight window of time from May to June, 1940, when the United Kingdom, under enormous external threat, faced an existential crisis of leadership and free … Continue reading

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2017 Hands Off A Potentially Historical Arc for Freedom To 2018

Each year reaches exhaustion on the Gregorian Calendar at the same time midnight December 31st.  Since Pope Gregory in 1587 determined Julius Caesar’s calendar was sufficiently out of sync that an extra day was required every four years to leap … Continue reading

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