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Miracle at Dunkirk: Re-Imagining History in the Post History Age

I recently had the occasion to see Director Christopher Nolan’s cinematic epic “Dunkirk”.  We have been through a period in cinema , depicting heroism relegated to the contrived world of comic super heroes and steroid injected Ubermen,  where courage is … Continue reading

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Daniel Gerhartz: Reflecting Beauty, Seeking the Sublime

When  you are good friends with someone with immense talent, your perspective on their accomplishments is sometimes akin, like Icarus,  to flying too close to the sun.  Attracted by the brilliance, you can become blinded to the risk of loss … Continue reading

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Crossroads at Gettysburg

Today’s society is inwardly directed and struggles to grasp the forces of history that often re-orient destiny.  When the republic was newer, however,  and more attuned to the circumstances and elements of its birth,  most citizens had an acute recognition … Continue reading

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