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Checking The Box

Voting is one of the great privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.  The vote represents the compact a country’s people hold with its government to follow the agreed upon constitutionally ordained mandates, laws, security, and strategic investments.  It is the pat … Continue reading

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Unleashing the Whirlwind

Two coiled springs had been tightening, gaining immense potential energy for years. The question was simply where and when the spring would release, and whether it would be premeditated, or spontaneously let go. The overwhelmingly powerful British Empire, supported by … Continue reading

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Ssshhh! …Still Some Clear Thinking Going On…

  The political discourse these days is so trivial, hyperbolic, and lacking in thought that we might wonder if we are undergoing staging for a reality show rather than vetting potential Presidents of the United States.  The idea that there … Continue reading

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Down The Homestretch

  The Great American Extravaganza that culminates in the election of a Chief Executive  of the United States is fully upon us.  There have been tens of scores of debates, town halls, fundraisers, greeters, and interviews.  Over half of the state … Continue reading

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