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Fearing Modernity

Look anywhere around you in today’s unstable world and the strain of inexorable change and the reaction to it is a fundamental tenet of the instability.  This is certainly not a new phenomena but the current neurotic response is in … Continue reading

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War Against the West: Paris Joins the Notorious List

A coordinated set of carefully drawn out attacks on the night of November 13th, 2015 in Paris, France by Islamic assault troops   resulted in the deaths of 129 and the wounding of 352.  The aggressive reaction of the stunned and … Continue reading

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# An Unserious Country

On a recent Ricochet podcast, conversation centered around a commenter’s observation that America had become a fundamentally unserious country.  The specifics of the observation centered upon the current Presidential debates as compared to the content of the 1960 Presidential debate between candidates … Continue reading

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