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Follow Up to the Benghazi Debacle – The Story Takes A Darker Shape

The story of the terrorist assault on the U.S.  Benghazi Consulate on September 11th,2012,  continues to take shape, and shake the confidence we hold in our leaders to tell us the truth regarding the perils and threats to the nation.  … Continue reading

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The Benghazi Debacle Grows From Bad to Scandalous

On September 11th, 2012, something truly awful happened to America at the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. At first glance, it might be said it was the deaths of four brave American representatives serving their country in a battle to … Continue reading

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Re-Acquainting with our National Treasures – the Museums

The national capital of the United States is not only the citadel of governance for the world’s most powerful democracy, it is also the repository for an incredible diversity of treasures of art, science, culture, and history.  The city itself … Continue reading


Re-Acquainting With Our National Treasures – The Monuments

I had the occasion this past week to plum with some depth the national treasure that is our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.  I had visited it some eighteen years before, but viewed the incredible wealth of venues as a quick … Continue reading

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Debates – 2012 Style – A Tragic Comedy

     In 1858, the Illinois senatorial contest between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A Douglas was occasioned by the most spectacular debates between the two men, that to this day resonate with passion and intellect and remain a focus of intense study.  … Continue reading

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The World Waits For No Campaign

The U.S. presidential campaign rumbles on after the debate regarding domestic issues with an intensified focus.  The predominant issue of the American economy and what should be the guiding philosophy behind its management dominated the debate and most of the … Continue reading

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The Emperor Has No Clothes

     The great Danish author of morality tales, Hans Christen Andersen, tells the story of a vain emperor who is sold a special “invisible cloth” by two conniving tailors who entice the emperor to purchase the fantasy cloth by proclaiming … Continue reading

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