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2011- Annus Horribilis or Mirabilis?

        The end of the year leads defenders of the Ramparts to reflect as to whether the year preceding advanced the ideals of western civilization, or damaged them. The year 2011 had its positive moments that suggested some … Continue reading

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White Christmas

           From my vantage point on the ramparts in Wisconsin, a white Christmas is a distinctly unlikely possibility.  The strange fact regarding Christmas in the northern climes is that most everybody hopes they will experience Christmas under a heavy … Continue reading

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People We Should Know #19 – Vaclav Havel

        This weekend of December, 2011, continues to experience the loss of some of the true giants defending the ramparts of western civilization. The dissident playwright who became his country’s founding father, Vaclav Havel, passed away today at the age of … Continue reading

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A War Comes To An ‘End’

     The Associated Press reports today on the final withdrawal of American forces from the territory of Iraq, ending an 8 year ordeal that strained the fabric of American society and cost an estimated 800 billion in resources and over … Continue reading

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Eulogy For A Thought Warrior

      Christopher Hitchens died today of esophageal cancer at age 62. With his death, an ancient tradition of debate and discourse suffered a retrenchment, and intellectual freedom lost a true champion.  With his death, Christopher Hitchens achieved something that no … Continue reading

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The Gingrich Dilemma

          The presidential political landscape is beginning to clarify itself as 2012 approaches, and several observations are becoming apparent on the republican party side.       The first is the power of the Mitt versus the Non-Mitt.  Governor Romney has … Continue reading

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