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Kesennuma No More

     This blog essentially relates the journey of western civilization, both currently and historically, from the human perspective in both challenge and triumph. As spectacular as human capacity can be, the awesome force that Nature can apply, to make small … Continue reading

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Can Our Democracy Survive Without A Legislative Branch?

     The recent upheavals in Madison, Wisconsin have focused attention on the progressive inattention of citizens to the carefully thought out structure that drives this nation’s democratic republic. Although dramatically exemplified by the attempt of a county district judge to … Continue reading

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The “This Is Not A War” War

     We live in an age of hypocrisy so it is not shocking to have found ourselves in one of the most hypocritical of contests of will.  The United States and assorted allies have spent the past week participating in … Continue reading

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Rodgers and Hart

     Something magical in the world of music that approaches Divine intervention occurred around the turn of the twentieth century in the the tight, crowded  tenements of New York City.  In the space of a few years, giants of lyric … Continue reading

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Where Have The Experts Gone?

     As the world seems to be battered by one “surprise” after another and current leaders seem clueless to fashion a logical and committed strategy to begin to tackle any of these problems, the question arises, where have the experts … Continue reading

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The Re-Incarnation of President Buchanan

     At the close of his Presidency in 1861, with multiple states having declared secession and the federal military post Fort Sumter faced with violent attack from its own countrymen, President James Buchanan presided over a State of the Union … Continue reading

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The Wisconsin Drama

      A brief Sunday evening update for the “Inside Baseball” addition of the recent political drama that unfolded over the last month in the state of Wisconsin.       In a terrific piece of reporting, the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes, a … Continue reading

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People We Should Know, #10 – Alicia De Larrocha

     Music is a universal medium that immediately explains the unique colors and emotions of all of humanity in a way no other language could. What separates us in our dialects, grammatical contexts and difficult verb tenses and behaviors, is … Continue reading

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     After almost a month of turmoil and chaos in the Capitol Building of the state of Wisconsin, the State Senate of Wisconsin on the night of March 9th brought to a crashing halt the sense of drift and paralysis … Continue reading

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While Rome Burns

     In a no holds bared debate, the US Senate recently reviewed two plans for cutting budgetary items in the residual 2010 fiscal year.  This was required was due to the lassitude of the previous reactionary Congress, recently voted out … Continue reading

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