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The Voice

     We know it immediately when we hear it- the unique expressive voice that was Luciano Pavarotti’s.  It is telling that we miss it so much, now that it is three years since Pavarotti passed from the earth’s stage to … Continue reading

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Will Healthcare “Reform” Make U.S. Sick?

     The debate last spring regarding American healthcare was truncated and revolved around lack of access not provision of answers to our pressing healthcare needs. In typical modern legislative fashion, years of carefully wrought considerations regarding the strengths and weakness … Continue reading

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The Poetry of the Christ Birth

     The Holy Bible is many things.  A tome of the miraculous relationship of a Supreme Being with His creation.  A device to fashion a life of good acts and deeds.  A missal for introspective prayer.  A means for restoring … Continue reading

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The Christmas Miracle at Trenton

   It is one of the truly amazing aspects of history that epic historical tides can irreversibly develop from the simplest, seemingly obscure,  and  remote events.   It is one of those events framed around the Christmas holiday, the American raid … Continue reading

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

     The wonderful 1944 musical Meet Me In St Louis directed by Vincente Minelli contains one of the most treasured Christmas songs ever written.  Performed by Judy Garland at the height of her artistic powers, sung to the emotionally distraught … Continue reading

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Its Going To Be A World of Hurt

     The staggering bill of our profligate spending of the last thirty years is progressively coming to bear not only on the national level, but on the state and municipal levels as well.  A recent study shows our state by … Continue reading

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People We Should Know #6 : Evgeny Kissin

     Child Prodigy is an overused description for almost any child showing unusual talent or potential.  The candidates extend from three year old Tiger Woods showing  a classic golf swing on the Michael Douglas show to the various Lil’ Orphan Annies’ belting … Continue reading

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Anarchy University

     The late 1960’s and early 1970’s were a period of radicalist chic in universities of the United States with an anarchist fringe developing out of eastern and Midwestern universities from the radical group, Students for a Democratic Society.  Anarchists … Continue reading

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Oh, The Burden

     Every four years another group of egocentric, driven individuals get it in their mind that they have the special ingredients that are required for the demanding job of President of the United States. They come in several distinct sub-species. … Continue reading

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Gotham City

Everything that is loved and hated about America resides in the 5 borough metropolis known as New York City.  The most populous city in the United States retains its place as a leader in almost everything that is going to be … Continue reading

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