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People We Should Know #3 – Mark Steyn

     There remains in liberal circles the ongoing tired mythic argument as to whether an individual can hold “conservative” views and still be perceived as intellectually intelligent, as if anybody holding “conservative” views needs or wants the annointive stamp of liberal … Continue reading

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Rob Ford to the Rescue?

     On November 2nd the essence of forty years of philosophical determinism will be on trial in elections held in the United States.  Born out of the intense events and cultural tides of the sixties, a progressively overwhelming liberalist agenda has consumed … Continue reading

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Woe Be Gone California

     It is one week to go before the state and national elections of November 2nd, 2010.  Essentially all prognostications suggest a surge of voter anger to rival the great wave elections of the past, with voter disgust focused on … Continue reading

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“England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty”

     In 1799, a willful, brilliant Corsican named Napoleon Bonaparte who had led French troops to multiple victories under the auspices of the revolutionary government of France, managed to take advantage of the weakened and self defeating nature of France’s governmental structure … Continue reading

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People We Should Know #2- Jacqueline Du Pre’

       What is the spark of celestial dust that every once in a while creates a supernova of human genius out of the most mundane of environments? Every time it happens we are left in awe of its randomness, making … Continue reading

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People We Should Know #1 – Vaclav Klaus

     The President of the Czech Republic is a defender of the ramparts of civilization and the inaugural member of the new ROC category, People We Should Know.  Vaclav Klaus is the 69 year old Czech president first elected in … Continue reading

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The Lessons of the Chilean Mine Rescue

     Ramparts of Civilization kept a close eye on the unfolding drama of the mine cave-in at the San Jose Mine in Chile trapping 33 miners that ended in triumph with their rescue this past week.  I held back commenting … Continue reading

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A New Champion in the Art of Tunneling

    The world was captivated earlier this week by the incredible engineering achievement of drilling teams to bore through 2300 feet of the granite rock of the Andes in less than two months to successfully provide a rescue portal for … Continue reading

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A Deficit Debacle

     The preliminary numbers from the Congressional Budget Office are in for fiscal 2010 and they are, unsurprisingly, as bad as predicted. The combination of completely unharnessed government spending, reduced recessionary receipts, and a progressively unstable entitlement environment have come together in a perfect storm to explode … Continue reading

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Christoffa Corumbo – October 12th The Man From Genoa Changes History

     A history book that holds particular joy for me  is Samuel Elliot Morison’s ” Admiral of the Ocean Sea”.  Morison was one of America’s greatest literary historians and an expert seaman in his own right.  Eventually achieving Rear Admiral U.S.Navy status for … Continue reading

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