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Antietam and the War of Ideas

    The American Civil War has so many teaching points and moments of inspiration for those concerned with the preservation of western civilization’s higher ideals that it bears constant review and re-focus. Though framed as a battle between “free” and … Continue reading

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The President as the Portrait of Dorian Gray

   Every four years several dozen individuals contemplate themselves as taking on the mantle of the Presidency of the United States and immortalizing themselves as the select leader of the most powerful nation on earth.  It is an enormous prop … Continue reading

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Country Guitar Master

     We are frequently biased when we think of musical masters of the guitar to the technical virtuosos classically trained like Segovia, or the electric guitar giants such as Eric Clapton or Les Paul.  Country music has a bit of … Continue reading

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The World Drives Toward a Nuclear Future; We Remain in Park

   The focus on Iran’s nuclear program for its potential development of nuclear weapons obscures somewhat the progressive demand  by many countries across the globe to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by development of nuclear energy capacity.  The presence of … Continue reading

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Hey…You’re Going The Wrong Way!

     A terrific ad recently created by Fred Davis of Strategic Perception, one of the more creative Republican media ad producers, and underwritten by Citizens For The Republic has been furiously making the rounds of the blogosphere and soon to be … Continue reading

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Brooks Comedy Perfection

     Working together on the western homage/farce Blazing Saddles, Gene Wilder intimated to Mel Brooks, the writer and producer of Blazing Saddles, that he had an idea for another homage movie based on the 1930’s classic Frankenstein.  Brooks intially stated … Continue reading

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Independent Voters Back On The Swing Set

     One day before the 1998 election for Senator for the state of Wisconsin, I was conversing about the election with a good friend, a self described “independent” voter.   The election was one of those elections that provide the best … Continue reading

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A Neighbor’s Fight To The Death

     Something awful is enveloping the proud Mexican nation south of our borders.  A vicious and dangerous war between the Mexican government and drug cartel warlord armies have since 2006 taken the lives of over 28,000 Mexicans, and with no … Continue reading

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Tea Party Ascendant

     In one of the most notorious political mis-steps in political history, the democrat party’s denigrating of the grass roots movement known as the tea party may be its undoing in the elections of 2010.   The primary races of September … Continue reading

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45 Years Ago, Seems Like Yesterday

     On  September 13th, 1965 the Beatles released a single in the United States that they had been arguing for months about.  The signature Beatles sound was a carefully developed synthesis of the rockabilly roots and rhythm beats of the … Continue reading

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