While Rome Burns

     In a no holds bared debate, the US Senate recently reviewed two plans for cutting budgetary items in the residual 2010 fiscal year.  This was required was due to the lassitude of the previous reactionary Congress, recently voted out of office by the American public, who found themselves unable to perform their constitutional duties and submit an actual budget, while still managing to spend trillions.  The new Republican led Congressional House of Representatives determined to submit at least an effort at budgetary sanity, proposing a 61 billion dollar reduction in projected spending, considerably below their stated goal of 100 billion.  The US Senate, still in the hands of the Democrat party, countered with a paltry 4 billion dollar reduction plan.  The good news is, after considering both plans, the Senate determined to reject both as being too draconian.  The Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in an effort to explain the defeat, stated that examples such as the cancelling of public funds for prestigious budgetary items such as National Endowment for the Arts would eliminate the public’s opportunity to such products as the “Cowboy Poetry Festival” that had provided entertainment to thousands.

     In other news, the United States of America declared a deficit of expenditures over income of  223 billion dollars for the month of February alone.  To put this in perspective, the budgetary deficit for the entire year of 2007 was 163 billion.  At the current pace, the United States of America is on pace to run an over 2 Trillion dollar deficit for 2011.  This would put the first three years of the Obama presidency at a staggering pace of deficit spending of over 4.7 Trillion dollars, racking up more debt in three years than the government of the United States incurred in the first 220 years as a nation.   The estimated effect on borrowed monetary resources to pay such indebtedness results in the expectation the interest payments on the debt by 2019 will exceed entitlement health expenditures.  Money going predominantly to foreign sources will dominate the budget. The entitlements we are forever giving ourselves are leading to the funds necessary to keep the party going coming from the Bank of China and the Savings and Loan of Saudi Arabia. That should turn out well.

If you can’t afford emotionally to cut the funding sources for “Cowboy Poetry” for fear of offending, oh, I dont know…cowboys…how are you ever going to take on the monster pie of entitlements? Now that’s going to get some real cowboys angry. Just ask the heroes in Wisconsin who are risking death threats to do just that.

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