The Great and Terrible Wizard of Trump

November 8th, 2016 represented a cornucopia of shattered illusions about the United States of America.  A thirty year meme had been assumed, that our country had entered into a new social consensus, having risen above individual concepts of rights and moralities, to a progressive consciousness.  The establishment convinced itself it understood the modern concept of the village, tied together by willingness to sublimate individual success to the general ‘well being’, led by a wise council of elites, that would forge a more tolerant, environmentally sensitive, and egalitarian world.  Concepts of borders and unique characteristics of nationhood were seen as quant relics of a past battered by conflict, and were subsumed by the desire to create a shared world order and purpose. The  queen bee of the new consensus was to be Hillary Clinton, the elites’ most elite.  The first woman president, the most prepared President ever, the new consensus of generations was expected to obliterate a candidate with more character flaws than a back country bandelero.

But like a coastal tsunami, Florida, then Ohio, then Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan  fell to the renegade from Queens and the wholly unexpected became reality; the reality television star had achieved the ultimate in surprise endings.  Donald Trump crushed the Inevitable One and , in the end, it wasn’t even close.

The nation awoke the following morning to one of the great proverbial hangovers, wondering what in the world it had just done.  Approxiamently half of the country breathed a sigh of relief that the wicked witch of the East had not won, and the other half dribbled  and waled in a flush of anxiety sure that the great experiment in social progress had just been turned over to the cretins of Duck Dynasty and mental giants of  Jersey Shore.  The whole country was in agreement, however, that the new occupant of the Whites House was of a wholly new, never before seen iteration.  How would Trump actually face up to the enormous responsibilities and pressures as one of the most ill prepared and experienced political neophytes in history?   Doom was the common conclusion.

One year later, we still are perplexed as to what we have in Donald Trump, and the division as to those who put Trump into power, and those who seek to find any means necessary to get him gone, is starker then ever.

For the anti-Trumpers like myself who in the end could not ignore the profundity of the binomial choice of the election in regard to the futures they projected, the comfort with the  outcome took some time to clarify.

One year later, we are faced with the Great and Terrible Wizard of Trump.

Trump turns out at the one year turn to be both great and terrible, but whichever view you hold, the performance is most unexpected.  The one shock that resonates with both the zealots and the haters is, who knew he was going to prove to be so….competent?  National Review’s Deroy Murdock lays out the optimal governmental approach that for conservatives would have been seen as a generational win, only to be dumbfounded that the politician who appears to be pulling it off is the ultimate anti-politician.  Remove Trump’s name from the achievements, and the roll of victories for rolling back government, restoring the economy, and re-ordering foreign affairs is gobsmacking.

The extent of the pull back from the very cliff of socialist permanency achieved in one year would have been considered impossible by any rational conservative strategist, and certainly none of the preferred candidates likely would have driven the agenda with the singled mindedness of Trump, a man assumed by all to be without any defining philosophies other than the vagaries of “greatness”. Increasing the astonishment level of the consistent results has been the recognition that the haters have hated Trump with a unique vitriol.  Trumps’s destruction has been a planned event from the first day after the election.  The Deep State and Democrats could not even wait to the inauguration to initiate a full scale demolition derby meant to emasculate Trump, and position him for removal as soon as the their position in power had been restored.  An independent council was immediately named within days of Trump taking power to investigate a Democrat fantasy that the election was stolen by some nefarious Russian influence.  The pounding has been daily and relentless, with the hypocrisy of those most compromised by Deep State bias being the grand inquisitors. Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most ethically challenged of modern candidates for president, has become the incredible shrinking foil, as with each attempted smear of Trump, more and more of the dirt ends up on her own legacy.  There can be no stopping this attack as the statist hegemony can not risk the bountiful grip over the people that had been so remorselessly achieved.

And then there is Terrible Trump, who shows incredible indiscipline and self absorption with spasms of ludicrous tweets, that distract and dwell on people and events of immeasurably vapid value.  Is Clown Trump or Revolutionary Trump the real Trump?  Are these distractions from his agenda tenth dimensional chess designed to distract the haters as he continues behind the curtain to quietly run the levers of a profound revolution to halt the country’s slouch toward a socialist Gomorrah?  Or are they just Clown Trump, unable to contain his narcissism, every bit the unhinged pretender his haters assume him to be?

It may difficult to watch, but watch we must, as real history is being made, after decades of national hesitancy and bloating of the progressivist state.  You don’t have to like the man in order to realize he isn’t going to just sit back and let two hundred and thirty years of a great experiment be allowed to implode on itself.  The Great and Terrible Wizard may simply be the strange little man that will find a way to get us back home…


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  1. Patti says:

    It isn’t always pretty but it is amazing how far we’ve come in less than a year and look at how much of the swamp has been exposed. He is doing what he said he was going to do. How refreshing of someone in a political office.

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