War Against the West: Paris Joins the Notorious List

Eiffel Tower displays French patriotism after the November 13, 2015 terror attacks

Eiffel Tower displays French patriotism after the November 13, 2015 terror attacks

A coordinated set of carefully drawn out attacks on the night of November 13th, 2015 in Paris, France by Islamic assault troops   resulted in the deaths of 129 and the wounding of 352.  The aggressive reaction of the stunned and aggrieved French nation was to close its borders for the first time since World War II, initiate a international manhunt, declare the event as an act of war, and bomb the assumed headquarters of the marauding ISIS in Syria with multiple bomb strikes.  In other news, the President of the United States reiterated his claim that the terrorist clique claiming responsibility for the attacks was “contained”.

Somebody has lost his mind.

Let’s remind ourselves briefly of the extent of our previous  ‘containment’ of this problem:

September 11, 2001  New York/ Washington DC/ Pennsylvania        2996 deaths                   October 12, 2002      Bali, Indonesia bombing                                        202 deaths                                       October 23, 2002     Moscow Theater hostage massacre                       120 deaths                March 11, 2004         Madrid Train Bombings                                            191 deaths              July 11, 2005             London Train Bombings                                            52 deaths           November 28, 2008  Mumbai  Terrorist Attacks                                    171 deaths         September 11, 2012   Benghazi Consulate  Assault                                   4 deaths                 April 15, 2013               Boston Marathon Bombing                                      3 deaths                July 7, 2015                 Paris Charlie Hebdo Attacks                                   20 deaths

Of course, such a short list leaves out the hundreds of other bombings, near bombings, beheadings, kidnappings, knifings, and shootings that didn’t quite make the list but were every bit as lacking in ‘containment’. It is a world wide war where at least one of the combatants doesn’t feel the least ‘contained’. It has succeeded in carving a caliphate out of Syria and Iraq, weaponized parts of the Sinai, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen.  It sees an enemy willing to perform self containment,  accepting hundreds of thousands of refugees infiltrated by the marauders themselves, passively watching the progression of genosides, focusing on the self immolation on the pyres of global political correctness, and downsizing their defense structures at every turn.  It is almost beyond what any marauding barbarian force could possibly have hoped for.

The French at least have recognized the last outrage for what it is: an act of war in a many year series of war acts.  They have responded with what they once disdained of President Bush – taking the war to the enemy on his home ground, to weaken his ability to project upon your own – but even the French felt constrained.  They dropped 20 bombs on the alleged ISIS headquarters in Syria; the average major raid in WWII dropped ten times that many.  No troops followed to rout the survivors, take territory or put the enemy brigades on the run.  No this was modern western strategy – get mad, get even, then, get lost.  Even that was better than the President of the United States who still feels this is a battle formulated by wackos who don’t want to get with the program, rather than  legions of holy warriors.

The President has perceived that in the long view political victory in the struggle will be achieved by avoiding  physical victory, against an enemy fighting a holy war for whom defeat is simply not an option.  He is of the opinion, that given room, the enemy will come to its senses.  His enemy thinks that whenever room is given, the gift comes with  the invitation to take more room.

On a Friday night in Paris, people went out to enjoy a meal, a soccer match, a concert, and live out the gift of free society. In just a few minutes, the gift was taken forever.  Lighting in color a few buildings in solidarity is a nice touch, but its not going to bring anyone back, or dissuade anyone jihadi from trying a worse cataclysm the next time western civilization lets its guard down.  It would be nice if after all the playing of defense, we played a little offense, and let this clique know their days are numbered.




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