Liberal Fascism Tests Its Reach – Who’s Watching?

Big Brother Watching               1984

Big Brother Watching

The state of Wisconsin is known for cheese, the Green Bay Packers, and a pleasantly schizophrenic penchant of voters that sees no conflict with simultaneously electing committed ideologues from both ends of the political spectrum.  What it hadn’t been associated with, until the election of Governor Scott Walker and the enormous battle over Act 10, the sequence of laws mandating political reforms in public unions, was the progressively darker side of American liberalism.  The ugly fascistic side of American liberal thought, however, was well ensconced in the tactics of those who sought to derail Governor Walker, and the techniques now being uncovered progressively bring to mind the mindset of the 1930s and the horrors predicted by Orwell in his brilliant tome of thought police, mass control, and crushing of independent thought, 1984.

This week a vivid tail of state sponsored terrorism was revealed in the unlikely location of Milwaukee, Wisconsin that will test our country’s fealty to the principles of personal liberty, privacy rights, and free speech codified in the Constitution and part of the fundamental fabric of the nation’s consciousness for over 200 years.

The synopsis of events revolve around the stakes for winners and losers in Wisconsin’s epic battle regarding the  power of public unions and their principal benefactors, the Democrat Party and the power of the individual citizen.  With Walker’s election in 2010 the public union stranglehold on the governmental budget was put at risk by Walker’s revolutionary attempt to de-couple the public unions from their source of power, the permanent tithe the unions were able to enforce on the state taxpayer. Surging the percentage of state workers through twenty years and securing for them an ever more unsupportable entitlement by progressively making a larger and larger proportion of the budget non-discrecanary, the unions were buttressed by their partners in the power grab, the Democrat Party.  Democrats saw an ever-growing dependent voter base and a seemingly inexhaustible cash flow from the state coffers to the unions and ultimately to the Party.  The marriage of inexhaustible resources to evermore ideologically pure politicians made for an axis of evil that only a revolutionary approach could stop.  The revolutionary was Walker, and no amount of recall elections, storming the capital, death threats, or hijacking of the legislature was proving capable of dislodging Walker or the elected legislature from achieving the de-couple.

In liberal fascism, however, there is no winning or losing on the ideas or the merits, there is only the eventual victory of ideology, and the fashioning of new state supported means of destroying Walker and his ideas with him took root.  The legal machine, first in the guise of liberal judge injunctions, and then more ominously, in the form of a John Doe investigation of Governor Walker’s staff when he was County Executive for Milwaukee, expanded beyond all bounds was a potential atomic weapon.   John Chisholm, the Democrat District Attorney for the county, exploited an archaic Wisconsin law fashioned to allow a secret review as to whether laws had been broken by government officials into a broad based multi-year siege on Walker.  Chisholm’s conflict of interest, his wife’s position with the very public union Walker’s law would effect, was single minded in his desire something, anything that would smear Walker and take him down.  The first John Doe investigation centered on the use of e-mail for political purposes from government computers, an investigation that if even handed would have taken down the majority of public officials in both parties.  When the conclusions of the initial investigation could not be tied to Walker in any meaningful way, the investigation did not end, but morphed into evermore expanded and brazen attacks on individuals whose only crime was they supported what Walker was doing.

David French in the National Review Online this week describes the harrowing, Constitution busting antics of Chisholm and his enforcement arm, sponsoring middle of the night police raids by armed officers breaking down doors, invading private property, and threatening individuals with the moxie mirroring the tactics of the Soviet Cheka or German Gestapo.  Chisholm has remained unapologetic and frankly thus far immune to any public outrage regarding the unwarranted trashing of people’s rights because they were members of conservative groups that supported Walker as their only “crime”.  Megyn Kelly of Fox interviewed French regarding the ugly truths exposed recently:

This is certainly no isolated example of the progressive reach into extra-constitutional territory by the liberal elites of this nation led by the facioso in chief.  Whether it is the weaponizing of the IRS to target conservative groups that could have proved a political competition for Obama, the ignoring of legislation that mandates immigration policy, or the harassing of the tea party, the extra-legal means of achieving ideology has spread from the executive on down to the local governments and universities.  We are now seeing the banning of conservative talk on campus, the harassing groups such as jews or christians, climate change deniers or fracking advocates, that may be antithetical to the goals 0f the ideology, and the neutering of the military’s role from defender of the country to enforcer of the political correctness that infects and strengthens the ideology.  With each day, the tenets of the obscure radical Alinsky, become the calling cards of the progressive elite that see their role to permamently transform, what they have been unable to change through reason and measured debate.

The Constitution remains the bulwark against the brazen tactics of these committed and righteous radicals.  The Supreme Court may potentially take up the cause of the Club for Growth supporters that were so abused.  This pattern of Constitution trampling has to be stopped in its tracks for the miserable miscreants it creates, and the intolerable actions they think they can get away with, because they believe nobody cares enough anymore. If it turns out that people have stopped caring, George Orwell may have known us better than we ever would have guessed, and this world will descend into a very,very dark place.

Big Brother is Watching                    1984

Big Brother is Watching


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