Wolves and Sheep


Venezuela Protests February 2014 - redalertpolitics.com

Venezuela Protests February 2014 – redalertpolitics.com

The flagship of the ideals of free thought and democracy, the New York Times, sees this past several weeks as a quiet time.  The Sunday FrontPage,  liberty’s window onto the world, reports, in order, articles on concern about growing medical bills, reviewing the drone war, eulogy to a naturalist author,  complaints about the lack of progress in making illegal immigration legal, and tactics to overcome the untoward  influence of the Koch brothers in the national discourse.

In less important and underreported  news, the Russian kleptocracy swallowed whole 18000 square miles of a neighboring sovereign country’s territory without a struggle, and the largest oil producer in South America remained in flames as its people refuse to buckle under the all encompassing yoke of a socialist dictator.

Reporting Hope and Change has become progressively difficult with all this chaos around. The sheep grazing quietly in the grassy fields of democracy’s prosperity arguing over who deserves more grass, are blithely unaware of the wolves of socialism stalking their periphery and quietly infiltrating the herd.

The founding fathers in their wisdom recognized first and foremost the greatest weapon sheep would ever have against the wolves, the ability to sound the alarm through free speech, and it is here that the socialist wolves seek to wound, and weaken the herd for destruction.  The very first amendment of the Bill of Rights states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

Socialism under the guise of statism seeks to unlock the meaning of no law, and change it to no law that doesn’t serve the interests of those who would effect law.  The fury of statism last week  was loosed upon the Supreme Court of the United States, that by a five to four vote, determined that limiting an individual’s ability to express their opposition through financial restraints limited their free speech.  In McCutcheon versus the FEC, the Court determined that it was not the government’s role to determine what is “good” or “bad” speech. Chief Justice Roberts  stated that ” the First Amendment does not protect the government, even when that government purports to act through legislation reflecting ‘collective speech’. ”    The statist champion of Hope And Change, President Obama expressed his “disappointment” about the ruling, on his way to another fundraiser. For statists the weapons of choice are the quiet infiltration of the wolves amongst the pack –  the FEC effecting limits on individual free speech expenditure, the IRS clamping down on opposition non-profit political grassroots organizations,  Obamacare removing any personal interpretation of responsibility for life decisions and ceding it to the government. One small victory for the sheep.

Disappointment isn’t the word of the day for the brave people of Venezuela who apparently unbeknownst to the New York Times are under violent attack for the very notion of expressing their opposition to statism and socialism.  We must go to foreign newspapers again for any perspective on the events in Caracas and other cities in Venezuela. The primitive killer instinct of the government wolves is in full bloom,  taking scores of lives, placing the political opposition leader in solitary confinement, making other opposition leaders scurry around in disguise, and daily breaking up peaceful assemblies of people in opposition to their domination of individual aspiration. What are they protesting? The government’s inability to provide the most basic of services, protection against crime and delivery of sanitation, while the government demands control over all facets of life including food. A fight that speaks to the very essence of the foundation of the rights of individuals the New World fought so hard to attain.

The statist wolves  in America don’t yet experience active opposition to their infiltration.  The  disappointment with the Supreme Court is a temporary setback.  There are other sheep vulnerably exposed.  The CEO of Mozilla Brandon Eich is fired because 8 years ago he gave some money to an organization in support of traditional marriage.  Columnist Mark Steyn is sued for libel for daring to suggest that the “data” used to create the settled science is fraudulent.  The Koch brothers, supporting libertarian candidates are the focus of evil in the statist world, when they are only the 59th largest contributors to the political arena, grossly overwhelmed by the statist supporters such as George Soros and government backed unions.

Every day the wolves are ever circling, and the sheep continue unaware, only occasionally protected through action by the few shepherds among us.

The people of Venezuela are fighting the fight that the rest of us sheep better wake up to.  We are the main course on the statist wolves’ dinner table, and the wolves’ appetite is insatiable.



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  1. Patti says:

    Excellent post – couldn’t agree more! If we continue on the path to never-ending government control, fiscal irresponsibility, unwise energy policies and a lasses-faire attitude to the freedoms granted in our Constitution, America will fail.

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