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Marx Brothers Go To War

America’s Marx Brothers Go To War

The President of the United States announced on March 17th, 2014, a firm response to the belligerent moves of Russia who has unilaterally achieved the schism of the Crimea from Ukraine into Russia, in the biggest land grab since Herr Hitler demanded the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia in 1938.  Not to be caught in the historical mistake of mimicking Neville Chamberlain who allowed the dictator Hitler the uncontested assumption of a massive part of another country on the basis of the presence of “indigenous” Germans as a “majority” of a minority of a country,  Obama determined to make a stand that would make sure the Russian dictator understood and felt the painful consequences of his act.  President Obama announced that seven rich Russians close to Putin would have their frequent flier miles rescinded and their free checking removed.

We live in farcical times. The President has a unique habit of declaring lines over which no one would dare to step over, only to have everyone step over with impunity.  Is it feasible that he does not see that not everyone views him as the overarching intellect without compare, as he views himself?

Are we to expect that the lines can continue to be “drawn in the sand” without consequence?

The President of Russia has engineered the consumption of a massive portion of an independent country and this is the best we can do in response?  What will President Obama’s response be when the indigenous majority of Hispanics in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California vote to be part of Mexico?  What will President Obama’s response be when the Lanape tribe demands more than the 60 guilders they accrued for the sale of  the island of Manhattan to the Dutch?  What will President Obama’s response be when China lands a man on the moon, takes a vote, and declares the moon Chinese by unanimous election?

I don’t like to take any of this lightly, but farce has its own dark humor.  We have lost our compass so severely with this President that one wonders if the ultimate joke is yet to come.






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  1. Bill says:

    The boundary between comedy and tragedy has been crossed.

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