Climate Change – Making Nature a Political Weapon

      The world’s climate has been in flux since the creation of climate with the stabilization of atmosphere and emergence of oceans and continents over a billion years ago.   Man devined the ability to exist in various climate eras, and with the retraction of the glaciers of the last ice age harnessed the power of climate to produce crops and conquer the variences of topography and weather.  The pecularities of weather have always held a facination for man, but the underlying forces of climate were always assumed to be eternal and immutable.  

     The past twenty years, however insignificant in the timeline of the existence of earth and its living character, has been a period of significant turmoil in the understanding of man’s role in the climatic forces that effect his environment.  Climate study has taken a dominant position in academic centers in these past two decades on the basis of the emerging belief that scientific evidence is overwhelming that man has a direct and deleterious effect on the enormous forces at work in climate.  In particular, the cause celebre’ is – anthropomorphic global warming.

     The obvious advantages to political leaders in converting social policy to conform to the narrative of man caused global warming became apparent and many made it the tool to achieve power and prominence.  The narrative has been a powerful one for conversion of previously unacceptable concepts of societal dogma into acceptable ones – the evil of the carbon molecule in providing man energy resources for economic progress, the need to “punish” developed nations by demanding a redistribution of wealth to underdeveloped nations to make up for developed nations’ contribution to the global climatic effects, the need to demand of individuals a conversion of  their lifestyle to living with a reduced”carbon imprint” for the betterment of the world.   These political forces came together in the perfect storm of the protocols of Kyoto in 1995 which devised a strategy of permanently institutionalizing the theory of global warming on all functions of developed nations on the basis of “settled” science,  and progressively made opinions to the contrary a religious heresy.

     Late last year, the final conversion to a new world order predictated on climate was scheduled for codification in the World Congress on Climate scheduled in Copenhagen.   On November 19, 2009, an anonomous internet hacker stopped the coronation of global warmists and the redistribution of trillions of dollars in its tracks.  The University of East Anglia in England, the mothership of global climate research, had its e-mail traffic hacked and the internal musings of its leading climate scientists put under the microscope.   Suddenly the “settled” science on many levels began to unravel and the prima facia evidence of man’s perceived effect on global temperature over the last three decades, a “hockey-stick” shaped graph of a sudden and alarming increase in world temperatures accompanying an dramatic increase in world economic development and carbon use over the last three decades, exposed as shaky and possibly fabricated science.  A process of computer modelings showing an alarming acceleration of world temperatures by  the year 2100.

This was predicated on a computer models that utilized tree ring data to estimate world temperatures for the the thousand years prior to 1960, and when the data no longer fit the expected models, surface temperature assessments thereafter. The further the evaluation of data processing was investigated, the more it became clear that climate scientists, under enormous pressure to conform to the dogma of anthropomorphic global warming and with significant funding advantages to science that supported the dogma, increasingly  warped results to maintain the narrative as extensive data over the last decade began to confuse the pristene understanding of the science as “settled”.

     In the middle ages, the religious dogma of sin and absolution dominated man’s understanding of his place in creation and ideas to the contrary were severely punished.  It took the development of the objective philosophy of scientific method – the submission of the hypothesis on gathered evidence and the critical evaluation of its capacity to withstand analysis through increasingly sofiscticated and reproducible measurement – to lead to the age of enlightened understanding of our universe and  the coupled progress of the individual to his current sence of self value and quality of life. It is a tragedy that political motives have returned us to the concept of unquestioning faith that selected and elite “others” know what is good for us and our future together, and that our questioning of them and their motives, again a heresy.

     Whatever the eventual understanding of the complex nature of climate and man’s interaction with it turns out to be, we have an unknown computer hacker to thank for pulling us back from the edge of destroying our way of life,  before we know whether its destruction will have any effect what so ever on the world to be.

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