Dancing and Other Things I Can’t Do

    I am enthralled with the idea of old fashioned dancing.  The process for hundreds of years in western culture was a shared experience between a couple, classically man and woman, attracted to each other and stimulated to share a coordinated bonding to music – sounds good to me.   I  have been, however, a singular failure at the concept of social dance, due to genetic programmed incapacities in muscle memory and flexibility.  Hundreds of years of coordinated social interaction to music, whether it be the minuet, sarabande, waltz, tarantella, tango, swing dance, square dance, twist or frug has remained frustratingly beyond my ken.

      There is a dance that through its rhythmic simplicity offers some hope – the Texas Two Step.  Based on the 4/4 rhythm, even a cowboy booted fellar can provide a positive experience to his gal on the dance floor.  The partnered dance, performed in a clockwise fashion, with the repeated easy gliding steps of quick step, quick step, slow step, slow step makes the beginner feel like an expert fairly quickly.  The real positive experience is in the music, with its gentle pulsing rhythm and three cord lattice that evokes the feel of the west and the great outdoors.  It reminds you to bring your favorite partner, put your best foot forward, leave your self absorption at home, and enjoy an evening of  music  evolved from the western campfire and clear starry nights.

     Consider below a little practice, then get your self ready for one of the great purveyors of the two step musical universe, the Mavericks.

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