“Peak Oil” Joins The List


     The modern marriage of science and politics has not seen such a loving relationship since the Catholic Church and Geocentric theory.  Control the conclusions and the power to direct policy and sublimate people is yours.  The concept of  the Earth as the center of the universe and all celestial bodies revolving about it were the brilliant conceptualizations of great men of science such as Aristotle and Ptolemy, providing for their time far reaching logical interpretations of the natural world. The piggybacking of the religious conception of an omnipotent God whose acknowledged greatest creation was Man and the planet man inhabited dovetailed nicely into the scientific tome.  When the “settled” science developed cracks – and what science could be more settled than the science of an omnipotent supreme being’s creation – the Church found the observations of those such as Galileo heretical.  The very concept of an alternative universe where the earth was just another planet orbiting a sun of many suns was antithetical to a universe where God expressed Himself most perfectly through his earthly creations, and most importantly, through His placing of the Church in the position of earthly arbiter of What Is.  The beauty and mystery  of God’s creation is undeniable and awe inspiring, but what is also clear is the many facets of the Mystery is not held forever in the hands of a solitary truth. Science untethered from restrictive thought evolves ever more masterfully toward bringing clarity to the natural world’s mystery. Tie its existence and conclusions to the current elite, and what you have is a recipe for trouble.

     Thus, the framing of  The List.  The list is many examples through history of “settled” science threatened by the progression of knowledge and objective vetting, resulting in violent reaction and suppression. The list extends over the centuries in linear fashion, from the geocentrism of the middle ages, to Man as God’s directed creation rather than through Darwinian evolution, to the Racialist Theories of National Socialism, to the globalist theories of “anthropogenic global warming”.  Each declared a settled science to maintain the political and economic levers such settled conclusions provided, and dictatorially suppressed any other conclusions.

     The concept of “peak oil” takes its roots from similar origins of other such dire armageddon theories of the last five decades, such as “Population Bomb”, “Nuclear Winter”, and “Global Warming”.  Each defined the Development of Western Man  as the culprit, a out of control species that destroys the careful balance of the natural world for his own selfish interests, plundering the Earth, and plowing onward to the destruction of everything out of his own spiteful need for individual expression and pursuit of happiness.  Only a global consortium of like minded tenders can “manage” this tendency for self destruction, and through the levers of economic control and rationing, assure a fair and appropriate distribution of the diminishing resources of the planet.   Science joined into this radically reactionary tome for the same reasons Willie Sutton stated bank robbers rob banks – that’s where the money is. The dolling out of billions of dollars of “directed” research money assured that those with appropriate conclusions prospered and those contrarians starved- and thus the “settled” science.

      “Peak Oil” has been typical of this science vein, nurtured on strands of facts and locked in against any potential threats.  The simple tome goes like this – there is a defined amount to available oil carbon based energy on the planet, the amount has been discovered, and the earth’s spiraling need for oil will come up against this finite and ever diminishing source with dire consequences unless we immediately transition to other sources of energy and live “within our means”.   The concepts are based on known oil sources and extraction capacities, progressive utilization, and the untoward effect of continuing reliance on oil on the environment.   As the “Peak Oil” advocates similarly harp to similar dire predictions, the science of diminishing oil has long been “settled”.

     Unfortunately for elitists, and to the benefit of those who seek a self directed individual life defined by freedom and choice, science is never settled.  Anthropogenic global warming has recently crashed against the rocks of facts, and now Peak Oil is seeing a similar demise.  The driving forces in the United States promoting the concept of Peak Oil have run up against the explosion of technology, that has separated the facts from the “science”.   Available oil has always been artificially limited by availablity and now through new technology availablity has sky rocketed.  New technological feats in shale oil extraction and deep water drilling have opened the United States, Canada and the world to spectacular new oil finds, to the extent that known available oil has doubled with no end in sight.  The United States in particular, once the nunber one oil producer in the world, but in production decline since the 1940’s  due to ever cheaper easily available middle east sources, now finds itself in the midst of an oil boom on the scale of the original oil rush , and could amazingly prove oil self sufficinient by 2022.  This accounts only from newly discovered resources and does not take into account the spectacular availability of carbon based energy locked in coal  that has yet to find a science to safely harness, and of which the United States is uniquely blessed with abundance.

     How can this be?  How is it possible that in three short years, one has gone from a convinced world in which man induced global warming and plundering of self limited natural resources, is now a world that appears to be cooling despite man’s efforts and is bountiful in cheap energy?  It is of course the result of individual man’s ever searching intellect, that drives forward toward truth no matter what artificial constraints are applied to suppress it.  These innate internal drives are what drove the discovery of the telescope by which Galileo exposed the universe’s reality,  and what powered the intellects of the supposed racially inferior Jewish scientists cast out by Germany that powered U.S. atomic technology winning the race with German scientists to the secrets of the atom. 

     The List is an elitest one, designed to suppress free expression economically and materially, so that a certain hierachy is maintained.  Their brief setbacks, created by facts they have not yet found the means to control, has given us all a brief respite.  It is, however, an eternal struggle, and those striving for control of the nation’s and world’s resources control governmental avenues of power, and are not about to easily give up their drive for ultimate control of the new religion of “settled science”.   Whenever necessary, we must stand strong and express doubt regarding their conclusions and demand independent observation.  It is the way of science, it is the way of this democracy, and it is the way of free will.

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