Dusty Springfield Revisited

     Mary O’Brien, an british born singer better known as Dusty Springfield, created a new world of music in the 1960’s with soul inflected sensual music that resonates to this day.  She managed to marry the intense internalization of emotions reflected in American soul music of the urban street and rural south with the cheerful, upbeat, and hip sound of the modern British band into a unique synthesis of sound, presented with a beautiful stage presence that separated her from all pretenders.   Hits poured out of her delivery with songs such as “I Only Want to Be With You”, “The Look of Love”,  “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”, and “Just a  Little Lovin'”  definitive performances of the 1960’s  music avalanche.  She reached a zenith with the album “Dusty In Memphis“, where her personal vocal mark was able to drive the sound into an intimacy not usually allowed by the era’s overproduced, string and horn distorted female performers.  It remains an album for all time, ranked 89 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the 500  best music albums.

     Recently Shelby Lynne,  a performer with Nashville roots, but expansive musical tastes, took on the challenge of capturing the Dusty Springfield sound, and delivering her own special sensitivity and emotion to Dusty’s discography, with her tribute album, “Just A Little Lovin'” .   Compare for your self how she did side by side and reflect on the gift that is musical talent and inspiration.

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