“Better a Bad Press, than a Good Eulogy”

     The world, in damaging fashion, has become progressively attached to mythical narratives that no matter how detached from reality are held up as rock bed truths. Former Vice President Gore flies around on private jets raging about those who would question “the settled science” of global warming. President Obama professes that the root of all current economic ills is to be found in the inequities of “the rich not paying their fair share”. The most poisonous world myth narrative, however, has been present for more than fifty years – that the underlying cause of world tumult and Arab middle east radicalism and extended poverty is the ongoing sore of the Palestinian Israeli conflict. The narrative states that if only the government of Israel would give the Palestinian people a viable territory for statehood and address legitimate grievances the ongoing strains that fragment the world would cease to exist and radical terrorism would die on the vine. The narrative projects Israel as the unique obstruction to a world of peace and the paramount cause of an Arab nation unable to lift itself from backwardness, totalitarian governments, and individual sense of inferiority and hopelessness.

     The mythmakers of this narrative are particularly pronounced in Europe, a continent that participated in the not so distance past in a process designed to methodically and ruthlessly  ethnically cleanse itself of the Jewish people, and progressively in the American administration, that views Israel as the intransigent that stands in the way of restoring a rightful order in the Middle East that would enhance American security.  The conflict that has raged since the foundation of the state of Israel in 1948 provides a ongoing template for literally every untoward fact on the ground, the persistence of poverty stricken ‘temporary’ sanctuaries for the “homeless” Palestinian refugees, the rise of radical terrorist organizations to run governments, the unbending totalitarian streaks in Arab governmental rule, and the legitimization of a nihilistic sociopath to the position of President of Iran.

     The greatest weapon the world has to defend itself against these mythmakers are the few statesmen that are capable in measured, logical tones to shine the light of truth on to those that continue to evoke the fantasies.  The combination of courage, intelligence, and rational expression has no greater exponent in the world today than Bejamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the state of Israel.  Yesterday, in front of a hostile United Nations General Assembly, one of the most profound propagators of the myth through its non-stop condemnation of Israel for the past forty years, Prime Minister Netanyahu laid out the bright light of a truth that put the whole world on notice that truth can be the only means of solution of the conflict. 

History has seem of recent years void of the type of leaders who speak to the greater truths that advance humanity and speak across cultures.  The Prime Minister of Israel shows to all that such leaders are still out there.  His command of subject, and clarity of argument knows no equal on the world stage today. He reminds us that overriding role of great statesmenship is to recognize truth as the path to solve conflict, and in doing so to accept that many will not want to hear it. He notes that we can not hope to find answers when only one participant in conflict resolution is asked to sacrifice, and that sacrifice can not come without the rational outcome of security. One could only hope that we  in America may find our own Netanyahu.  Thanks to the wonderful work that the blog Powerline continues to provide, we have Netanyahu’s speech in its entirety.  Watch the whole thing, and see if you don’t have the lazy mists of accepted narrative dissolved by a statesman who has accepted this generation’s mantle of one will speak the truth, and through truth, lead us all to a better place.  The charlatans out there who emote glibness without reason in comparison look ever more inconsequential, and are doomed to history’s dusty hall of insignificance.

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