Beautiful Cinema

     Hollywood used to be about glamour. Its black and white films had a special translucence from the films’ unique sheen and soft focus, to the use of light and shadow to magnify underlying emotions or intimacy. The actor’s  film persona became especially tied to the cinematographer’s skill. Is there any doubt to the smoky allure Ingrid Bergman possessed in Casablanca or the innate goodness projected by Henry Fonda in Young Mr. Lincoln – no small measure contributed to by the skill of the cinematography.  Long after we forget the storyline details we remember their faces, and, in living through the cinema artist’s ability to evoke beauty and fantasy, briefly projecting ourselves into their glamorous world.

     A special thanks to the wizards at for capturing in a very unforgettable fashion , the magnificent gift of cinema through its beautiful leading ladies:

glumbert – Women in Film

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