Kesennuma No More

     This blog essentially relates the journey of western civilization, both currently and historically, from the human perspective in both challenge and triumph. As spectacular as human capacity can be, the awesome force that Nature can apply, to make small the mightiest of civilization’s achievements, was brought to bear in Japan’s devastating 9.0 earthquake of two weeks ago. The Japanese port of Kesennuma on the Pacific coast of the island of Honshu faced the incredible force of the epic earthquake’s tsunami, and a city of 73000 individuals was in five horrifying minutes literally wiped of the face of the earth. As so often acknowledged in events that defy description, the video below shows the apocalyptic force of a 25 foot tsunami on the city in a vivid way that is unforgettable and awe-inspiring. But for the grace of God, go we all.
     Behold, the destroyer of worlds…..

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  1. cesar palomo says:

    absolutely amazing.

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