The Perfect Meal

   The elements of a great meal are different for everybody, but for me, the cornerstone is the perfect confluence of food, wine, and location.  Tuscany, Italy makes it very easy to have any number of great experiences with its magnificent wines, food traditions, and locales.  I would like to reflect upon a recent journey to put together a Sunday meal to savour.

     The meal starts and ends with a great wine.  A Boscarelli 2006 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano shows off the delicious Sangiovese varietal, with its ruby red color and supple flavors of spice, cherries, anise, and raspbery.  It grows to grand maturity in the unique limestone calcium carbonate  and clay soils of the Crete and uplands of Tuscany.

     The secondary characteristic required of great dining is with fine company at a bustling Siena  establishment where service, knowledge , food and wine expertise and traditional atmosphere make the pairing of a  white bean and veal ragu Tuscan pasta with this wine especially memorable.

The final glass of perfection is topped off by the magnificience of a Tuscan sunset.

Now I am really hungry.

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