Trapped In The Snow Globe

   Nature, you magnificent bastard, you’ve done it again!  

     Just when the world had convinced itself that global warming hysteria and its accompanying pseudo-science would become the “law” of our times, mother nature delivers an uncommon blow to remind us of her awesome power and the pathetic capacity of we puny humans to control or influence her.  On February 1-2,  she delivered one of those storms for the ages that people will talk about for future generations as a good old paralyser.  Want to get out to your job, the store, even out your front door? Fagettaboutit!  Snowdrifts the size of school buses are blocking your way, and with continuing winds of 90 kilometers an hour aren’t going away any time soon.   A two thousand mile wide swath of awesome natural power swept across the United States with the energy of hundreds of nuclear bombs and the moisture of several years of rain water converted to ice and snow to boot.  Sit back and gaze at this storm’s incredible profile over the continental United States, Courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s weather satellite:

     The size of this creation is a wonder to behold .  From the tip of Texas cascading in an epic spiral of pummeling blast over the midwest center over Chicago until its leading tip is seen over New York, this storm would swallow up several hurricanes.  Woe be to those who assumed that cold weather creations are any less damaging  or destructive than warm weather ones.

     It was likely massive storms such as these that over years and years brought the type of snow cover that created the massive glaciers of the ice ages.  This monster coupled with Great Britain colder and snowbound the any year in recorded history,  China seeing significant increase in snowstorms and cooling – wait a minute is Man causing another Ice Age?

     Everybody calm down.  Whether we are heading to the permanent balmy future of global warming, or a progressive ice bound century, we are in the thrall of natural forces that will determine all of that for us.  Hysterical forecasts to the contrary, we can all take a breath and do what we have always done.  Deal with the way things are, and get on with it.  It would be nice if governments who progressively enjoy telling us what to eat, what to drive, what to read, what to listen to, what to learn, what to illuminate our darkness with, what to expect for a life, would get the message…. We live in a Snow Globe, and Someone other than us controls its every shake.

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