The Miracle of A Free Society

     Every once in a while a human interest story so powerful, so random, so inspiring comes across our society’s consciousness and we must take a moment to revel in the sheer magnificence of it all.   Hot Air made me aware of a terrific story of a man full of hope after a life of hopelessness, who through a single random exposure on a video in an event only possible in a free society with free flow of information, has achieved a life resurrection.  A homeless man named Ted Williams, one of the many who haunt traffic intersections begging for money for food or their own darker natures, decided to be entrepreneurial and sell his only asset, a voice of perfect timbre and projection.  A passerby decided to film the moment and released it on You Tube.  Within hours, the video had touched thousands, and within days, literally millions.   Mr. Williams had led a life of human despair torn by drugs and alcohol, loneliness and homelessness, driven by his own self destructive demons.  As he tells the story, he two and half years ago had a religious epiphany, and stopped his destruction, sobered up and decided to try to pull himself up with his only residual possession, his trained voice, developed years before prior to his crash from stability.

      How many times we pass such individuals and wonder of their story and determine there is nothing we can do to help.  It turns out the best help is simply to take the time to recognized the humanness of each individual and the singular miracle that each life potentially holds.  Watch both videos, courtesy of Hot Air; watch them in their entirety and prepare to be humbled, and elevated.  The magnificience of a free people is that without the help of a “program” or a “grant” or a “pathway” a simple request for a second chance has brought an avalanche of chances and potentially a story for the ages.

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