Play of the Year – Man Learns to Fly

     Every once in a while sport provides us with moments of awe of what humans are capable of. And what they are capable of sometimes exceeds the laws of physics. In a college football game on Saturday night, in-state rivals Oklahoma and Oklahoma were locked in duel and Oklahoma State was getting the short end of it, when Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones was flushed out of the pocket and decided to throw the ball away out of bounds. Unfortunately for him, defensive back Broderick Brown of Oklahoma State determined to take that very moment to defy the laws of gravity and several other undetermined laws of physics. In a perfectly timed flight, he tipped the ball to his teammate in an unconscionably spectacular play that deserves viewing if you haven’t seen it. It didn’t help Oklahoma State win, losing again to their rival Oklahoma, 47-41, but it did move the eternal and ongoing measure of human experience one positive molecule forward.

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  1. SS says:

    Great athletic plays like this one are fun to watch. They do think every now and then. Thanks for posting it.

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