Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July. Welcome to Ramparts of Civilization.

            It is altogether fitting that on the 234th anniversary of the articulation of the principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” that a blog defending and celebrating those immortal words finds birth and, hopefully, a long and fruitful existence.

            For some time I have felt a progressive dread that the clarity, beauty, and magnificence of the 2600 year journey of Western Civilization has been neglected by our current nature to the tenuous point of irrelevance.  All the hard learned lessons of the concept of individual freedom, creative expression, intellectual objectivity, and appreciation of the human spirit have been sublimated to a bland equivalence and desire to achieve a “soft landing” as a relic of history.

            Not so fast. On this blog, like minded individuals will man the ramparts and defend the concept of the Western Ideal, founded on the philosophy of the ancient Greeks, communicated through the ingenuity of the Roman engineer, unleashed through the miraculous words of a Nazarene carpenter, protected by the courage and literacy of the medieval monk, forged in the genius of the Renaissance,  released in the power of the Enlightenment, made available for all to participate by the miracle of the American Revolution, propagated through the Industrial Revolution, and defended by the brave warrior citizens when at times darkness threatened to descend and smother.

            And we will try to do this while having fun.

            I see this blog as the defender of the good and positive in history, politics, music, art, food, sport, science, technology and entertainment – and where my editorial expertise is lacking, through the musings and elaborations of those who know and love these cultural expressions more intimately than I.

            I look forward to learning, laughing, and illuminating.  To those owed so much who have defended before, and those who will pick up the lance, shield and standard, and defend ever after, welcome to the Ramparts.


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