A Year Later, the World Is Slowly Warming to the “Truth”

     It was a year ago that one of the great farces and premeditated frauds  perpetrated on civilized culture began to unravel, to the benefit of all that care in the least about human progress and individual freedom.   World leadership was preparing to gather in Copenhagen for a world wide conference about “climate change and humanity driven global warming” that would codify the economic disarming of the western world in order to “convert economic behavior” through mandatory reduction in so-called greenhouse gas (CO2) production and carbon based fuels.  Secondarily for past environmental sins, the developed countries would agree to shift hundreds of billions of dollars to to economic backwaters like Zimbabwe and Fiji in order to “equalize the playing field”  in an action having nothing to do with climate science and everything to do with Marxist economic theory.  The lemmings in charge of western governments were prepared to sacrifice their own population’s well being and give up enormous chunks of sovereign power to global bureaucrats to sage their guilt on the altar of “settled science”.  Emerging economic powers like China and India were intelligently having none of it, but were perfectly willing to see their major competitors self-emolliate.  The forced serfdom  of individual freedom and human security was all but complete, when the miracle of the Internet once again charged to the rescue.  A still unidentified insider at the global temple of climate change science, East Anglia University in England, released on the Internet thousands of e-mail exchanges by the climate scientists at the center of the “settled science” of human mediated global warming revealing their own doubts of the validity of their own data and their willingness to cover up the inconsistencies to protect “truth” of global warming, along with the billions of dollars of research funds that the “truth” brought to their career work.  May I say it again?  Thank God for the Internet.

    One of the intrepid heroes of the unmasking of the fraud, James Delingpole, who blogs for the UK Telegraph, brought light to the incredible web of deceit exposed in the e-mails of Anglia scientists.  He almost single handedly turned the tide of momentum through his journalist work, when the mainstream media was prepared to bury the facts to protect the Copenhagen meeting.  Thankfully the conference broke down in chaos with the emerging pattern of fraud Delingpole and others brought to light and the organized destruction of western capacity dreamt about deciples of Al Gore was narrowly averted.  Over the past year, trends in global climate measurement continue to show continuing marked deviation and lack of precision from the “settled science” computer models that world leadership was prepared to swallow whole.  We are no closer to accurately predicting man’s effect on world temperature and climate change a hundred years from now than the weather two weeks from now,  and that at least is becoming “settled science”.   Thankfully the upcoming world climate conference in Cancun, Mexico as a follow-up to Copenhagen reflects the world’s identification of the underlying realities of the global warming hoaxers and will be attended by one tenth of the earth enders that populated Copenhagen and Kyoto.

     Mr. Delingpole continues to do important and critical analysis of the work being done in the climate science field and the underlying political agendas of  the most stalwart climate bureaucrats who continue to spout the human driven global warming gospel despite all the evidence to the contrary.  In two blogs that I consider must reads, he reminds us of the Marxist political agenda underlying the continued demands for the developed world to economically disarm for climate change, and how the culprits responsible for the farce are changing their attack through new vocabulary with the same destructive intentions of the global warming mantra on human freedom.

     As a defender of the ramparts of civilization, it is critical to always be on the lookout for the fool on the hill who would destroy all the progress humanity has made to feed a desire to return the planet to a more “natural” state.   We all want clean air to breathe. We all want clean water to drink. We all want to be good stewards of the mother earth that has been our home since Eden.  All that is more likely to occur, when we recognize the power of real truth and real scientific method to explore the boundless creativity and genius housed in each one of us, and not the ravings of those would seek to return the world to a place that never existed in reality and one in which there is no place for us.

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