A Deficit Debacle

     The preliminary numbers from the Congressional Budget Office are in for fiscal 2010 and they are, unsurprisingly, as bad as predicted. The combination of completely unharnessed government spending, reduced recessionary receipts, and a progressively unstable entitlement environment have come together in a perfect storm to explode the standard of acceptability accrued over two hundred years of national budgets from 1790 to 2008.  President Obama continues to maintain a relative detachment to the whole spending debacle, recently having proposed an additional 50 billion in “stimulus” spending to follow up the trillion dollars of “stimulus” spending that had apparently little effect on the health of the American economy.  The perspective is a fairly simple one – President George W. Bush, facing the 9/11 recession, fighting two wars, and passing “big government” ventures in education with No Child Left Behind and in Medicare Prescription as a spendthrift “compassionate conservative” managed to amass 2 trillion of deficits over 8 years contributed to the national debt.  President Obama in just 24 months has already expanded the national debt by 2.76 trillion dollars, with no end in sight.   Is it feasible that profligate spending will destroy the American ideal enemy armies and national calamities failed to dent?

     Gateway Pundit tackles this issue head on with an eye opening graphic that crystallizes the proportionality of the current government’s disdain for budgetary discipline:

     At what point does this pattern of spending enter into the theater of the absurd?   The statistics get more dire the closer you look at them.  In a country where a deficit of 4% of GDP was considered outrageous, the current Obama budgets rack up 10% and 9% of GDP respectively. A ridiculous 37 cents of every dollar now spent in the budget goes to deficit spending or service of the debt, not to defending the country, supporting infrastructure improvements, or positioning this country to reach for big ideas.  

     I am approaching the point of numbness to the whole headlong self-destructive behavior.  Once again, it is time for adults to reassert authority, and take back the keys from our undisciplined kids playing recklessly with this nation’s future.  No excuses, people. On November 2nd, 2010 get it done.  Recess is over, and its time to get down to some hard work.

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