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People We Should Know #30 – Kayla Mueller

A very ancient practice in humanity is veneration of those that come before.  In the catholic church, the process of veneration occurs after a person is gone, and the sum total of their life experiences upon reflection appear in retrospect … Continue reading

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Pivots, Principles, and Pundits

In one of the most dispiriting contests for leadership of a great nation since Otho displaced Galba, the 2016 election continues along its unmerry way.  In a not so epic battle between an implacable prevaricator and a self amused charlatan, the … Continue reading

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The Dog Days of August

The blessed gift of summer, warm, long days and star filled nights, with the nature’s bounty in full bloom, is brief but treasured paradise for every midwesterner.  August then arrives, and the buildup of heat begins to linger, with more … Continue reading

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