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Republican Party 1854 -2016(?)

On March 24th, 1854 in an unadorned¬†schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin, a group of men came together to form a new political movement. ¬†The impulse was provided by the passage of the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854, which opened two new … Continue reading

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George Washington – The Virginian

February 22, 2016 is the 284th anniversary of the birth of George Washington, a giant of history, that with each passing year and with ever more complete research into his actions and motivations, grows evermore in stature. The somewhat dour … Continue reading

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Reagan at 105

February 6th is the 105th anniversary of the birth of the last great President of the United States. The fortieth of a line of greats, near greats, disappointments and even scoundrels, the reputation of Reagan has only grown in stature … Continue reading

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