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Men With Masks

In 1989, there was an interesting moment for those who were in the map business.  Almost overnight, it seemed almost as if the entire Eurasian continent would require a reorganization and renaming. For those at Rand McNally , the midnight … Continue reading

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Alfred Brendel and Beethoven’s Ghost

About twenty five years ago during my study years, I had the opportunity to see Alfred Brendel in recital performing Beethoven. I had a vague understanding through recordings what I might hear, but I was not prepared for the possibility … Continue reading

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The Big Ditch Turns 100

In today’s culture of dependency, it is hard to remember a time not so long ago when a visionary idea no matter how difficult, time consuming, or potentially immensely risky, was seen as a genetic characteristic of our civilization.   … Continue reading

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Barbarians at the Gates

To comprehend events, one must be willing to descend into the faint mists of time and history to possibly understand the here and now.  The boundaries that define the modern country of Iraq are artificial drawings on a map that … Continue reading

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Claude Debussy and the Prism of Life

Until the seventeenth century, light was accepted as a force of illumination, colorless and devoid of structure, the essential device by which God brought life from a formless void. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  And … Continue reading

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