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The Painful Journey Towards the Pursuit of Happiness

The middle class of Venezuela continues to daily protest their government’s destructive domination of their lives, despite overwhelming force.  A Ukrainian battalion, completely surrounded by invading Russian forces that have stormed their base, parade, and in unison, sing their country’s … Continue reading

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Duck Soup

The President of the United States announced on March 17th, 2014, a firm response to the belligerent moves of Russia who has unilaterally achieved the schism of the Crimea from Ukraine into Russia, in the biggest land grab since Herr … Continue reading

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A Birthday Celebration for Those That Live in the Shadow

  Yesterday, March 8th, was Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s birthday.  Born March 8th, 1714 to the most illustrious of fathers, Johann Sebastian Bach, one can feel some sympathy for C.P. Emanuel as the role of living in the shadow of … Continue reading

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The Most Irrelevant Man In The World

On October 24, 1973, in response to the rapidly deteriorating position of the Arab forces during the Yom Kippur War against Israel, The Soviet leader Brezhnev sent President Nixon a communique stating “I will say it straight that if you … Continue reading

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