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Seeking, and Facing, the Truth

The next four days, July 1st through the 4th, are the jewels of American history.  In Philadelphia in 1776, representatives of the thirteen American colonies were meeting to debate and approve a declaration of ‘self evident truths’ that would forever sever their … Continue reading

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World Policeman No More

The world is coming to the steady recognition that the forces that secured a peaceful resolution of the intense 20th century battle between totalitarianism and democracy are unraveled.  The key ingredient, and the accompanying heavy burden of responsibility, was founded … Continue reading

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Vercingetorix and Drunken Wolves

In no other part of the world does a mix of history, romantic legend, factors of geology, and a curious genetic quality for maximizing quality of life come together as it does in France.  Though fitted with spectacular alpine peaks … Continue reading

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Crusade Against the Darkness

To watch the gentle waves timelessly crest against the quiet beach sands, it must seem to be all about inevitability.  From our venue, we see a open serenity, with a path through the cove of the cliff leading to the … Continue reading

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