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The Global Warming Deniers

     Polar Bears can rejoice; the world is still trying to come to their rescue.  The meme that was projected by Al Gore’s alarmist documentary An Inconvenient Truth was that the arctic ice packs were diminishing at such an accelerated … Continue reading


The Second Inauguration

Tomorrow brings one of the great traditions in the ongoing experiment of American democracy, the swearing in of the executive leader of the country to an oath binding them to the formative and enduring principles of the nation.  From General … Continue reading

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A New Age Quarterback

As hard as it was to watch my vaunted Green Bay Packers crumple like a paper  mache’ balloon last night, one could not help but recognize that a major shift in how the storied game of football is going to … Continue reading

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The New World Order – 1991 gives way to The New World Disorder – 2013

      The circumstances of revolutionary events brought with the celebration of the new year January 1st, 1991 a sense of a new pragmatism in solving problems.   The concept of a “new world order”, was presented, in which the world, now fundamentally connected by … Continue reading

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