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     The past week has not showered our civilization in glory.  President Obama spent the greater part of an hour at the State of the Union address ignoring an nation’s economic tribulation with an impressively deaf ear to what sage pundit … Continue reading

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The State of The Union Sham

     The United States Constitution identifies a specific responsibility of the head of the executive branch, the President, to report to the legislative branch his or her understanding as to the current state of the nation and recommend possible agendas … Continue reading

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The Newt Re-Boot

      A cat is said to have nine lives.  Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich may indeed have a feline pedigree.  Closing polls in preparation for the vote in the South Carolina primary for the republican nomination for the U.S. presidency … Continue reading

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Distant Mirror

           2011 was the 70th anniversary of two epic world shaping events, the cataclysmic invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany and the Japanese surprise attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. World War II, a conflagration that … Continue reading

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A Genius Shows Us Everyday Life

     A relatively obscure local artist in his lifetime, whose entire known catalogue of artwork may encompass 36 paintings, has become an absolute modern superstar draw in any retrospective containing even one of his works.  The Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University … Continue reading

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Someone Else Talking 1932

     Dominic Sandbrook of London’s Daily Mail looks to 2012 as a year that portends an ominous future for Europe.  The specter of the series of events regarding the progressive economic calamity  surrounding Europe and its Euro currency mirrors the … Continue reading

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