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Presidential Vigilante?

     Just after 9/11, an emotional President George W. Bush, confronted with the knowledge that it was likely the Al Qaeda head Osama bin Laden who was directly responsible for the carnage, was asked what he meant when he stated he would … Continue reading

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What’s Worse Than Bad? Much Worse…

          Imagine that relative no one likes to talk about. You know the one. Its the undisciplined but lovable one that always thought that succeeding in life was not about hard work, but a crap shoot. There’s always that … Continue reading

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“Better a Bad Press, than a Good Eulogy”

     The world, in damaging fashion, has become progressively attached to mythical narratives that no matter how detached from reality are held up as rock bed truths. Former Vice President Gore flies around on private jets raging about those who … Continue reading

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God’s Musical Messenger

     The 17th and 18th centuries in Europe were home to some of the most profound individual achievements  in the history of western civilization.   The 17th century proffered the return of the scientist and objectivity with great discoveries and theorems … Continue reading

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Searching for Something, or Somebody

       The world is in a bit of a funk right now.  The cherished elements of human progress and life quality assumed as the societal pinnacles for most of the twentieth century – good government, impartial laws, secure health, universal education, individual … Continue reading

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     Ten years ago, at 8:46am under an impossibly clear blue sky, American Airlines flight 11 under the control of committed assassins struck the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The world shuddered perceptively on its … Continue reading

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Los Alamos

      I have been away for a well deserved trip and traveled to a favorite corner of the world, northern New Mexico.  As a humbly self described amateur historian, the pulse of history that surges through this unique land … Continue reading