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Passing the Buck

     President Harry S. Truman was proud of his sign displayed prominently on the Oval Office desk – “The Buck Stops Here”.   No other principle was as important to him.  He understood that the occupant of the office of the President held … Continue reading

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On the Bloody Road to Damascus

      Over 1900 years ago, a battalion of soldiers lead by Saul the Pharisee road on the road to the already ancient city of Damascus to rout out a major threat to the ruling hierarchy at that time, the cult … Continue reading

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American Genius

     A late announcement today from Apple Corporation managed to drop the after market price and relative value of one of the hottest stock properties in the world more than 7 percent. The message wasn’t so much a what, but … Continue reading

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20 Years From the “Russian Spring”

     I doubt I will ever experience anything as central to my observation of  man’s struggle for personal liberty close to the wonder I felt watching the events of 1989 to 1991.  The heroes that wrestled totalitarianism to the ground were so brave and … Continue reading

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A Run of Bad Luck

     courtesy      President Obama took some chances this past week to stem what has been a progressive crumbling of support for his chances for re-election in 2012.  He embarked on a bus tour through the midwest to mingle … Continue reading

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Rue Brittannia!

           Great Britain is slowly regaining its breath after a week of ferocious riots that collapsed the civilized veneer of London and several other large British cities. The presence of willful anti-social behavior is nothing new in western society, but … Continue reading

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Pawlenty Out, Perry In

          Running for President of the United States takes a lot of things. It takes a thick skin. It takes a pretty big ego. But more than anything it takes a lot of money. A lot. The pointed juxtaposition … Continue reading

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Dissecting the Arab Spring

     Powerline is an excellent blog of broad scope and terrific writing that serves an additional fundamental service to the readers and thinkers of the blogosphere.  It is the home of the unedited versions of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson … Continue reading

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Capturing the Spark of Life

           Unlike film,  portrait painting and painting in general, must create an emotional reaction from the viewer perceiving a single fused projection of a moment in time.  Its necessary immobility creates a vague sense of passiveness as the emotions … Continue reading

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After America

The greatest short essayist in my lifetime comes out with another book on August 8, 2011 that is bound to be a blockbuster in sales and penetrating thought. Mark Steyn, an international columnist and thought provocateur previously identified as Ramparts … Continue reading

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