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A German Virtuoso That Knows the 3 B’s

     The silly little argument that underlies the cultural extension of music is that only a person born and immersed in the specific culture that forms the basis of a piece can truly emote the composer’s desired expression. In simple … Continue reading

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People We Should Know #16 – Marco Rubio

          I have tried to use this particular category People We Should Know for people we should know that aren’t really known, but are positively contributing to the culture, vitality and leadership of western civilization.  I haven’t considered Senator Marco … Continue reading

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A Great Idea From 1935 Has Met Its Match

           A person born in 1935 would proudly be celebrating his or her 76th birthday this year and would be the first to admit a lot has changed since 1935. As much as it is fun to reminisce and … Continue reading

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The Slow Motion Train Wreck

    The slow motion train wreck that was Amy Winehouse came to its inevitable conclusion with her reported death suspected from overdose in London at age 27 on July 23rd,2011.  She joins a notorious group of 27 year old modern recording … Continue reading

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The Debt Titanic

     On April 15th, 1912, the RMS Titanic, on her maiden voyage, the greatest and most beautiful of the White Star class trans-Atlantic passenger ships, improbably shuttered briefly, in the late evening hours, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. As … Continue reading

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Okay, Tell Me One More Time…

     Okay, Tell me one more time. Why is Paul Ryan not running for President? I recall some ideas floated as to why he shouldn’t run, including those he continued to circulate himself – the budget committee needs him; the … Continue reading

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The Road to Jerusalem

     With so much history and epic drama at her disposal, the city of Jerusalem is a beacon for all who love to combine history and travel.  This wonderful video below comes via Small Dead Animals through Wizbang and therefore … Continue reading

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Kabuki Theater and the Debt Ceiling Debate

     The great Japanese theater tradition of Kabuki reflects a stylized avant garde theater of the bizarre to dramatize the juxtaposition of the inner and outer emotions of the participants.  Grand kabuki is going on these days regarding the debt … Continue reading

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Summer was made for Prosecco

     Oh, she’s a lovely one, that Prosecco!  It is summer and thoughts turn to the warming sun, beautiful women, and a refreshing glass of Prosecco, not its more pretentious distant cousin, champagne.  Prosecco is Italy’s answer to the trivia … Continue reading

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Travelling the Past

     Its been over thirty years since I performed the daily grind of of getting up very early and taking the forty minute drive to my high school, but it was a drive I knew like the back of my … Continue reading

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