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Duelling in Madison Leaves Something to be Desired

          We live in a time of great political passion and emotional people regarding the critical issues of our time. But I mean, really people, is THIS the best we can do? Christian Schneider in National Review Online documents the … Continue reading

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People We Should Know #15 – Michele Bachmann

     The Presidential race’s political landscape over the many years we have been having electoral contests has been littered with shooting stars, could’ve beens, should’ve beens, and circus acts. Every interest group has put forward their shining champion, every celebrity … Continue reading

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A Musical Sun enters the Twilight

    The musical world is used to tragic loss associated with the inherent instability associated with creative artistic life.  The early deaths of John Lennon, Buddy Holly, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, George Harrison, and Jim Croce among many … Continue reading

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Out of the Paddocks

          The 2012 Presidential race has begun in earnest with the recent debate between prospective Republican candidates at a forum sponsored by CNN. The seriousness of the issues to be debated by candidates showing interest in being the chief … Continue reading

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Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout History

     The Wall Street Journal today interviews noted American author and historian David McCullough about Americans’ understanding of history and the pathetic state of our educational process in understanding our culture’s origin and evolution. Mr. McCullough, noted Pulitzer prize winner … Continue reading

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Newt Augers In

     Newt Gingrich is currently a candidate for the Republican nomination to the presidency of the United States, but he has a much chance of gaining the nomination as Ron Paul, a candidate from the fringes of the fringe.  Michael … Continue reading

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Falklands Redux

      The founding Charter of the United Nations in 1945 contained in its first article the right of self determination of a people declaring “all peoples have a right to self determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine … Continue reading

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People We Should Know #14 – Thomas Sowell

     The battle of ideas between those who believe that circumstances overwhelmingly influence outcome and those who believe that free will can address any circumstance has been the dominant intellectual conflict of western civilization.  In the United States, the conflict was  the … Continue reading

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Six Minutes, and the Rising Sun Becomes A Setting Sun

      The Pacific Ocean covers 64 million square miles, almost a third of the earth’ s total surface area, and is larger than all the land masses combined.  The modern tools of satellites, global positioning, and jet flight have made it … Continue reading

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Sad Lessons from the Land of the Rising Sun

     The recent devastation created by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, and its effect on the  already battered economy and self esteem of Japan is hard to watch.  The damage will take years to unravel, and the rapidly aging population … Continue reading

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