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Memorial Day and the Iron Brigade

           At one of the dioramas at the Wisconsin’s Veteran’s Museum in Madison, Wisconsin,  stoic, tensed young men in black hats await orders to resist another surge of massed, charging Confederate soldiers in the hellish chaos of battle later … Continue reading

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A Moveable Feast

                As part of a recent wonderful dinner with family and friends, the topic of Woody Allen’s new movie Midnight in Paris came up.  As an aside, I appreciate greatly the conversations that revolve around my family dinners.  … Continue reading

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The Baton Is Passed

     Michael White of the London Telegraph noted a momentous occasion this week as one of the scions of classical music finally stepped down after fifty years and turned his magnificent creation formally over to a new generation.  Though ensemble … Continue reading

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A Presidential Campaign, Russian Style

     The United States is about to go into that season of political discourse and verbal combat known as the presidential election process. It seems the previous election is barely over and the next crop of presidential wannabes start lining … Continue reading

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Italy’s Other Michelangelo(i)

     The twentieth century was filled with many great classical music virtuosos brought forth by the power of the recording and television media. The gift of a audiovisual repository such as YouTube allows the faint memory of a great performer … Continue reading

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The President Gets A History Lesson

     Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel visited the White House as a guest of President Obama.  The President, as is his way, once again managed to frame a major address on a controversial subject in direct rebuke to the guest … Continue reading

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Perpetual War

      We are coming upon the tenth anniversary of the conflict loosely described as the War on Terror.  In October, 2001, in response to the atrocity of 9/11 and its identification as the most spectacular component of an ongoing organized war … Continue reading

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The American Song Machine

     May 11th marks the birthday of the man who was born in Siberia but became the American Song Machine.   Irving Berlin would be 123 years old today.  It seems somewhat silly to consider a 123rd birthday, but Mr. Berlin … Continue reading

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The Defining Moment

     The past ten years have brought this world an unbending line of overtly serious and at times tragic moments.  America, the last country on earth where it was okay to poke fun at our leaders and ourselves, seemed to … Continue reading

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Charles The Hammer

     The recent permanent removal by the United States of one of the leading voices in the world for radical Islam, and his desire to “restore” the Islamic Caliphate under shari’a law, has brought up similar instances in history when … Continue reading

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