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People We Should Know #9 – Daniel Hannan

     Since the 1950’s, when  Great Britain, beset with the crushing debt and physical exhaustion of having fought two massive wars in twenty years, voluntarily gave up the mantle as a a world leader, the country has been in a … Continue reading

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The Landscape Artists of the American Ideal

       The North American continent landmass has inspired from its first explorers onward a special spiritual awareness.  The explorers and early settlers, predominantly from lands crowded with civilization and restricted by their birth position found a overwhelming sense of a higher … Continue reading

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The Man In The Arena

     In early November, 2010, the citizens of the state of Wisconsin elected the chief executive of Milwaukee County to the governorship of the state of Wisconsin on the basis of his reputation for fiscal discipline and firm resolve.   The … Continue reading

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The Virginian

     In our more cynical, superficial age we find it hard to imagine the set of circumstances that would lead a man to risk all that he had, and give up the greater portion of his life, to an idea.   … Continue reading

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Sic Semper Tyrannus?

     In December, 1989, with almost inconceivable suddenness, the dictator who had ruled Romania with an iron fist for 34 years, Nicolae Ceausescu, in the space of one week fell from emperor king to the wrong end of a firing … Continue reading

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Enter The Fixer

     We have become so numb to the inability of governments to address in adult and disciplined fashion the significant issues of our time that when such discipline is revealed, its harshness is initially tart as pickle juice. Thus the … Continue reading

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Ramparts Hiatus

To all my fellow guardians of the ramparts, a brief hiatus is in order for the captain of the guard. I will be computer free for a few days, brewing up some new thoughts and sharpening my attention for the … Continue reading

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Who’s Next – Maybe Turkey?

     The events in Egypt continue to evolve at a breathtaking pace.  The most recent news is the dissolution of the puppet parliament and the government’s associated agencies with the role of comptroller in the hand’s of Egypt’ military.  The … Continue reading

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The Great One

     February 12, 1809, 202 years ago, lost in the wild frontier of Kentucky in a log cabin placed at the side of a creek called Nolan, outside the settlement of Hogdenville, a miracle of history occurred. An illiterate tenant … Continue reading

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Freedom and the Internet

     Who is Wael Ghonim? Whether the name is familiar or not, Wael Ghonim is the new Egyptian face of the freedom uprising in Egypt and the human symbol of the power of the Internet. Ghonim, a marketing manager for … Continue reading

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