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The Great Defender of the Ramparts

     On a cold winter day in late January, 1965, my mother initiated one of my seminal moments of personal development without me recognizing it at the time. She asked me across our kitchen counter whether I knew who the … Continue reading

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So You Think There’s A Chance?

     Time and time again throughout history, the key element of what drags down great societal processes into oblivion is the crisis of spirit. The Roman Empire, so dominant in technology, commerce, unifying legal rights regardless of nationality for nearly … Continue reading

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Western Civilization In two and a half Minutes

The many facets of western culture and its developed civilization are the compelling focus of RAMPARTS OF CIVILIZATION. Certainly, the defenders of the Ramparts hope to illuminate the critical people, events, and ideas that have made, and continue to make, … Continue reading

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Egypt On The Brink

    The Middle East has been the incubator of most of the world’s upheaval and torment over the last 35 years. The juxtaposition of a rapidly growing population facing the inequities of minimal opportunity  and available education, while a small minority has reaped … Continue reading

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Winning The Future

President Obama participated in the traditional presidential report as to the state of the American union on Tuesday night in a speech sub-titled, “Winning The Future”. I took it as my civic duty to watch the entire speech and the … Continue reading

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The Ice Bowl

     Today’s National Football Conference championship game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears is expected to be played in fairly frigid conditions with highs in the teens and wind chill factors hovering around zero.  The field has … Continue reading

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People We Should Know #8 – Norman Borlaug

    “Greatness, generally speaking, is an unusual quantity of a usual quality grafted upon a common man.”    William Allen White, journalist      The man that was Norman Borlaug was precisely the individual who William Allen White ,the Kansas journalist of … Continue reading

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Death of a Warrior

     On July 6th, 1944, the Normandy peninsula became the fulcrum of the struggle between the light of individual liberty and the dark forces of fascistic totalitarians.  The warriors of liberty were common citizens of the democracies of Canada, Great … Continue reading

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Chairman of the Board

     I enter this post with an appropriate amount of fear. What can possibly be further said about the Chairman of the Board, Francis Albert Sinatra? The entire pop musical experience of the twentieth century is essentially wrapped up in … Continue reading

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Stuxnet Redux

     On December 4th of last year RAMPARTS looked at a new form of cyber warfare, the STUXNET virus,  that was used to cripple Iran’s drive toward achieving a viable nuclear device. Although at the initial report no identifiable connections with intelligence services … Continue reading

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