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Does Anyone Read The Bills Anymore?

     We are living in an era of government dedicated to the proposition that, the larger a bill of enacting laws that is put forth, the greater the chance that the bill will deal with the complicated contingencies of modern … Continue reading

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A Chilean Drama Elevates Us All

     On August 5th, 2010, a temblor caused the collapse of deep exit tunnels in the San Jose copper and gold mine in some two hundred miles north of Santiago, Chile.  This has been a year of intolerable national disasters … Continue reading

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50 Straight Days as a Ramparts Blogodier

     After a very energetic effort of 45 postings in 50 days I am recharging my batteries away from all computers for a few days. I appreciate all the readers who have come on board and hope to provide soon … Continue reading

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Now You Are Talking Some Real Money…

     We are certainly hopeful that with our first jobs we can hope to pull down 1oo dollars a week spending money.  As we graduate to professions we begin to consider a thousand dollars a week as a very successful marker … Continue reading

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One Eyed Fat Man

    The word is out that the the Coen brothers, filmmakers of such wonderfully idiosyncratic movies such as Raising Arizona, Fargo, and No Country For Old Men, are in the process of remaking the classic western True Grit.  It follows … Continue reading

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Are Big Ideas A Thing of the Past?

     Michael Barone has a thoughtful essay on our ability to conceive and create significant construction projects in today’s world.  He bemoans a smaller bridge project in Washington DC that has been going on for 42 months with no end … Continue reading

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A Fine Man, a Wattwil Native Son

       An especially favorite uncle passed today; he was a tremendous brother to my mother, a great friend to my father, a wonderful husband and father to his family.  I want to especially honor him today by reflecting  on how … Continue reading

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A Gunslinger Greater Than Favre

     As I warned you last month, the saga of Brett Favre has indeed evolved into another final curtain performance with the Minnesota Vikings this year. Now 40 years old, and soon in October 41, Favre is among a small group … Continue reading

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The Centennial of Winslow Homer

The Portland Maine Museum of Art is hosting a large retrospective on the artwork of American artist Winslow Homer on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death. The exposition, “Winslow Homer and the Poetics of Place”, is highlighted … Continue reading

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Los Lobos Han Sobrevivido, y Florecido

Over thirty years have passed since a group of rather unassuming but extremely talented musicians rose out of East Los Angeles to teach the the United States about the synthesis of culture, rhythm, tradition, and musicality. First and foremost the … Continue reading

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