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Uh Oh! The Monster’s Back!

   The Congressional Budget Office is an independent non-partisan agency enacted by congress to help estimate the effect of laws on national revenue, review the budget process, and help make projections on the national debt.  Earlier this week the CBO released … Continue reading

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Climate Change – Making Nature a Political Weapon

      The world’s climate has been in flux since the creation of climate with the stabilization of atmosphere and emergence of oceans and continents over a billion years ago.   Man devined the ability to exist in various climate eras, and with … Continue reading

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From Tesla to Today

     The genius came from Central Europe and quietly ended, nearly penniless, in a small hotel room in New York.  A genius the world has almost all but forgotten.  Every day we use the fruits of his endeavors without a … Continue reading

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Glenn Gould – What Genius Sounds Like

     A casual fan of classical music often has a typical collection of greatest hits that they delve into when they are in the mood for a little introspective listening.  The performances are often attached to movies, such as the musical interlude Hannibal Lector … Continue reading

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World Class Artistry, from a Wisconsin Artist

     Illustration has been a driving force of artistic expression in human culture since the earliest identified images applied to cave walls by pre-literate man some 30,000 years ago in Lascaux, France. The explosion of public appreciation for this skill … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Season

     For the United States, a nation battered and tired by a decade of conflict and two intractable wars, a period of retrenchment from world affairs has been pledged by the current administration. Unfortunately the world, as usual, is in … Continue reading

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Dancing and Other Things I Can’t Do

    I am enthralled with the idea of old fashioned dancing.  The process for hundreds of years in western culture was a shared experience between a couple, classically man and woman, attracted to each other and stimulated to share a … Continue reading

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A Thief in the Night

    One of the most disheartening aspects of current governments is their propensity to steal.   The overwhelming urge to pilfer is born from another addiction, the insatiable appetite for growth.   The classic resource for governmental action, the tax. has , secondary to … Continue reading

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Brett Favre – One More Time

     We are about to enter the 2010 NFL football season and once again, as we have for the past seven years, the Brett Favre watch has begun.  Since 2004,  Mr. Favre has created tense off -season scenarios as to whether … Continue reading

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The West is Jackson

      A very special place on earth is Jackson, Wyoming. A little town of 8600 inhabitants sits in one of the most beautiful venues on earth and is definitely worth a trip to see and experience. The town is the … Continue reading

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